Quality policy

‘‘ANTOPACK S.A.’’, always wanting to be the first among its customers' preferences, is committed to constantly providing reliable and high quality products that fully meet the needs and demands of its customers, abiding by the legislation in force.

To this end, the company applies a Quality and Environment Management System in accordance with ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 22000:2005 Standards, under which, as part of its continual improvement efforts, the Company's management:

  • regularly keeps track and complies with national and EU legislation
  • strives to maintain and increase market shares and financial outcomes by designing new products and investments
  • defines its core processes and sets annual targets for Product Quality
  • organizes and staffs the company with selected adult trained personnel, regardless of nationality, gender, other individual disabilities or sexual orientation, who has a legitimate right to work in the country prior to recruitment. Slavery, forced labour and child labour are not acceptable. It implements educational programs and employee training and evaluation programs, supporting their active participation in the improvement process.
  • aiming at a high technological and scientific level and constant improvement it provides the necessary resources for a smooth, seamless and efficient operation, with emphasis on the removal and prevention of the appearance of quality or environmental problems and ensuring a technologically robust and safe operational environment
  • records and evaluates customer acceptance and response, improving its operations, communication and products
  • ensures effective communication with employees, customers, suppliers, partners, public authorities and other entities with a view to product quality, their proper and safe use, as well as the environmental awareness of the community
  • guarantees the protection of personal data and materials that customers have made available to the company
  • effectively manages crises and emergencies, regardless of their origin, in such a way as to ensure as far as possible the employees’ safety and health, the quality and safety of the products and the orderly operation of the company

All the employees of the company are responsible for the implementation of the Quality Policy, while the responsibility for its monitoring lies with the Quality Management Officer representing the management.

For the Management
Téa Antoniou

Quality Management Officer
A. Mefsout