Antopack at the award ceremony “Diamonds of the Greek Economy”


On July 3rd, an event for the renowned business distinctions "Diamonds of the Greek Economy 2018" was held at a central hotel in Athens, where "HELLENIC PRODUCTION –  INDUSTRY ROUNDTABLE FOR GROWTH" was represented by the member of the Board of Directors and Chief Executive Officer of ANTOPACK Ms. Tea Antoniou.

In her brief greetings Ms. Antoniou, after presenting the profile and objectives of HELLENIC PRODUCTION, underlined the importance of the manufacturing industry, indicating:

«HELLENIC PRODUCTION is an initiative that goes hand in hand with the aspirations of the institution of Diamonds of the Greek Economy. We have to, once and for all, reverse the myth that nothing is produced in Greece or that Greece is not suitable for industry. It is an obsolete and distorted stereotype that is not true, far from it. The Greek industry produces and exports to more than 185 countries in all corners of the earth. And it could contribute much more under the right conditions, to reverse the brain drain and achieve the much-needed growth, investment, prosperity and employment. Today, this brilliant celebration where companies from the entire spectrum of the economy are being awarded is an opportunity to become even more convinced about the potential of our country».

Afterwards, Ms. Tea Antoniou participated in the Awarding process with three awards to the following:

– Athanasios Mouchtis, Managing Director of the Pharmaceutical Cooperative of Piraeus (PEIFASYN),

– Dimosthenis Giannoulis, Commercial Director of Medicare Hellas

– and Antonis Vouklaris, Chief Executive Officer of ‘‘Euroclinic’’ Group.