Fieldtrip of the Environment and Business undergraduate programme (University of Leeds) at Antopack


The printing and packaging company Antopack, in Volos (Greece) in collaboration with the School of Earth and Environment of the University of Leeds, hosted a three-days fieldtrip for research and industry relevant purposes, emphasising on the environmental and social implications of the modern business practices. The field work undertaken focused on the challenges businesses and organisations face when they incorporate sustainability in their systems, and aimed at encouraging and integrating sustainable practices in entrepreneurial and business activities.

The students and academics of the undergraduate programme Environment and Business, led by Dr. Iva Bimpli, during their fieldtrip investigated the understanding, challenges and practices of Antopack on sustainability, sustainable development and corporate responsibility. The research undertaken emphasised on exports, circular economy, total quality management, innovation and the ecology, on both national and international scale.

Antopack is one of Europe’s leading printing companies, and has been at the forefront of innovation and creativity in its sector for 120 years, producing wet glue paper labels, cardboard boxes, offset welle trays and welle boxes. The company's values are passion for creation, respect of the clients, and a strong sense of responsibility towards their employees and the community. Antopack is deeply aware of its responsibility towards society and nature, and for this reason it participates in many fundraisers, charities and other events that promote the health and wellbeing of the local community, while the company focuses and innovates on eco- friendly operations.