Corporate Social Responsibility

Antopack is deeply aware of its responsibility towards society and nature. As part of the history of Volos and its people, we continue to strengthen our bonds with the city and deploy strategies that help protect the environment.

Antopack Green

Antopack Green is a corporate initiative that embraces renewable power and ensures that resources are used efficiently. We implement strategies that contribute to saving electricity at our factory, and we are diligent with recycling procedures for different materials, including all the batteries used by our equipment.

Paper and cardboard used at Antopack is sourced from suppliers that are FSC-certified. The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) is an international non-profit organization that promotes responsible management of the world’s forests; all FSC-certified paper comes from sustainable and ethically managed forests, which ensures the protection and longevity of natural habitats around the world.


Antopack Social

It’s the people that make the company: that is why a big part of Antopack’s ethos is defined by our healthy relationship with our people. As a company, we grew together with our employees, and many of them have become masters of their craft by working for Antopack for many years. For this reason, we try to give back to our employees as much as possible: we strive to secure their jobs in difficult times.

“Our aim is to support our local community, first of all by sustaining already existing jobs or by creating new ones.” — John D. Antoniou, Chief Operation Officer

Antopack is aware of its tight connections with the community of Volos, and for that it participates in many fundraisers, charities and other events that promote health and the wellbeing of our fellow citizens. A proud Antopack team ran the annual Volos Half-Marathon in 2016, and we also participate in a fundraiser for donating wheelchairs to people with movement limitations.