Paper and cardboard are sensitive materials and require very specific handling conditions in terms of temperature and humidity. We closely monitor and control conditions inside our factory through a sophisticated system of air-conditioning, ventilation and water injection, in order to maintain an ideal printing environment. Meanwhile, we apply regular quality checks at various stages of production, both for barcode readability as well as color stability, using the most current Color Management methods.


As soon as the printing is complete, we proceed to processing the paper sheets depending on the client’s needs. Our efficient machinery lineups can deliver orders fast, keeping pace with the demands of the market.


Our label processing department is one of the oldest in Greece, and is equipped with advanced machinery that has been renewed over the last three years. 50 million labels are cut here every day. Our labels are processed with such precision, that our clients can glue 50,000 labels per hour on up to three different parts of the bottle.

We deploy the following equipment:

Three Polar cutting machines
Three Blummer machines of oval cutting

Box manufacturing

Our box manufacturing department is equipped with two automatic Bobst die-cutters with automatic stripping capacity and an output of 10,000 sheets per hour. Boxes that need further gluing treatment proceed to two of our state-of-the-art Jagenberg gluing machines (4 + 6 spots), or the Heiber & Schroeder window-patching machine.

Bobst 104 CER
Bobst 142 ER
Jagenberg 110
Heiber & Schroeder
Jagenberg 110
Bobst 142 ER
Bobst 104 CER

Welle boxes

Our newest department is the fully automated workstation for welle boxes with offset printing. A Stock machine laminates the wavy sheet on the offset-printed sheet; a Bobst 142 ER die-cutter is also installed in array, in order to expedite the production process.

Bobst 142 ER

It’s extremely important, especially nowadays, for our clients to feel assured
and to trust us.

George Antoniou, Chief Executive Officer